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National Association of Chronic Disease Directors

Chronic health divisions at state public health departments are interested in partnering with the community development sector to improve health outcomes in low- and moderate-income communities. NACEDA and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) are working to foster these partnerships by educating our members about each others' work and providing opportunities for connection. Learn more and get connected.

Healthcare Playbook for Community Developers

BHPN Healthcare Playbook for Community DevelopersPartnerships for Health Equity and Opportunity provides practical advice on navigating the vast healthcare ecosystem with your organizational assets in mind. Use this playbook to help you:

- Identify cross-sector partners,
- Determine hospital readiness for collaboration,
- Leverage your assets for partnership, and
- Create your road map for partnership

Webinar: Initiating Community Benefit Partnerships

This webinar was hosted by NACEDA and presented by Kate Hill-Johnson, Administrative Director of Community Health Improvement at Franciscan Health. Kate is responsible for the oversight and direction of the Community Benefit Program for all hospitals in the Franciscan Health System in Indiana and Illinois. The webinar provides:
  • an overview of IRS Community Benefit regulation, Community Health Needs Assessments, and Community Health Improvement Plans
  • suggestions on how to engage with hospitals in work that improves community health
  • online tools you can use to access information about hospital community benefit staff, priorities, and spending.

View the webinar and PowerPoint slides.

Connecting the Dots

Vitalyst Health FoundationNonprofit hospitals' community benefit requirements provide an opportunity for community developers to engage with hospitals. Use this Healthy Leaders Policy Guide to connect with nonprofit hospitals and implement plans for healthier communities. 

Community Benefit Insight

Community Benefit InsightUsing the Community Benefit Insight database, community economic development associations can use data to initiate relationships with hospitals and make realistic suggestions on the long-term impacts. 

Innovative Models In Health And Housing

Innovative Models in Health and HousingThis report innovative examples to illustrate how systems of financial resources, public policies, leadership principles, and programs are aligning to improve health and economic outcomes for low- and moderate-income people and places.

Anchoring to Strengthen Your Region's Case for Systems Change

ReThink Health

Population-level health data provides evidence for community developers to identify cost-effective health programs that improve health outcomes. Access five strategies to use this data to encourage healthcare systems to invest in communities.

Health Impact Assessment Can Inform Community Development Decisions

Health Impact AssessmentHealth Impact Assessment is a rapidly growing field that brings data, health expertise, and public input together. This data can identify the potential effects on public health of projects, programs, and policies. These case studies show how Health Impact Assessments work and inform state and local community development decisions.

Health Impact Assessments in the United States

Pew Charitable TrustsHealth Impact Assessments can inform choices to improve public health through community design. Use this interactive map to sort and analyze data and figure out how to use these assessments to make your community healthier.

Improving Community Health by Strengthening Community Investment

Improving Community Health

This issue brief explains how communities can leverage capital from hospitals and health systems to improve the environment for healthy living.

Healthy Communities: A Framework for Meeting CRA Obligations

Healthy Communities - Elizabeth Sobel Blum

In Healthy Communities: A Framework for Meeting CRA Obligations, Elizabeth Sobel Blum of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas provides guidance on how financial institutions can invest in improving the social determinants of health in low- and moderate-income communities. 

500 Cities: Local Data for Better Health

500 Cities Project

The 500 Cities project provide city- and census tract-level small area estimates for chronic disease risk factors, health outcomes, and clinical preventive service use for the largest 500 cities in the United States. It is a collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the CDC Foundation. 

Healthy Community Toolkit

Plan4HealthPlan4Health connects communities across the country, funding work at the intersection of planning and public health. Coalitions work with communities to increase access to healthy food or increase opportunities for active living where residents live, work, and play. Their toolkit provides policies, best practices, checklists for success, and webinars.  

Community Benefit: Tools and Resources

Community CatalystNonprofit hospitals are required by the IRS to provide health services or other benefits to low-income communities. Community Catalyst provides tools and resources for grassroots organizations to engage local nonprofit hospitals in addressing unmet community health needs. 

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

County Health Rankings and RoadmapsFind out how healthy your county is and explore factors that drive your health. County Health Rankings provides an interactive tool to gauge the relative health of communities, a roadmap for steps to create healthy communities, and a database rating health-based policies and programs. 

Community Benefit and CRA: Comparing Nonprofit Hospital and Bank Regulation

NACEDA - Community CatalystBanks and nonprofit hospitals have such a dramatic impact that the federal government has placed a regulatory structure around how that impact is implemented and monitored. Understanding these similarities can inform the community development and health sectors as they align resources and search for common goals to improve outcomes for low and moderate-income communities. View Community Benefit and CRA.

Jargon Buster

Dictionary Image Border 3Working across the health and community development sectors begins with speaking the same language. If you’re lost in a sea of acronyms, this tool can help. The Build Healthy Places Network Jargon Buster demystifies common industry jargon.


The Anchor Mission Playbook

Anchor Mission PlaybookAnchor institutions can play a key role for low-income communities by better aligning their institutional resources—like hiring, purchasing, investment, and volunteer base—with community needs. The recommendations for hospitals and health systems in The Anchor Mission Playbook are drawn from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL. 

Partner Finder

Healthy Places LogoFind the health and community development organizations nearest to you. Partner Finder helps you take the first steps to identify potential cross-sector partners in improving the health and well-being of your community. Access the Build Healthy Places Network's Partner Finder.

Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities Toolkits

Democracy Collaborative LogoThese toolkits help hospitals and health systems build community wealth through inclusive hiring, investment, and purchasing — and give community developers insights on how to develop partnerships with hospitals. Access the Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities Toolkits