The People & Places Collaborative represents community development organizations across the nation. We are committed to creating conditions where residents can shape the destiny of their neighborhoods, securing their long-term stability, health, and prosperity. 

The collaborative is led by three organizations:

Pillars of Our Work

Our collaborative efforts are organized around three pillars, which each play a vital role in advancing community development and fostering a more just and equitable society for all. 

  1. Community Power

  2. Equitable Funding Distribution and Data 

  3. Accountability

Together, we strive to combat structural racism and economic disparity through convenings and strategic policy advocacy. View the People & Places Council.

2024 Policy Agenda 

We advocate with policymakers at all levels of the federal government to address systemic challenges and champion opportunities for the advancement communities nationwide.

Affordable Housing priorities:

  • Ensuring access to safe, quality homes drives our policy efforts for broader affordable housing solutions.

  • Leading efforts to reform the Home Investment Partnerships Program for small and medium-sized community-based organizations to better serve communities

  • Advocating for increased funding and improvements to programs like the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.

Small Business & Entrepreneurship priorities:

  • Championing small businesses as economic catalysts, especially in underserved communities.

  • Expanding programs like the U.S. Small Business Administration Microloan Program.

  • Pushing for inclusivity and permanence in programs like the Community Advantage Program.

Community Development priorities:

  • Advocating for policies that create inclusive communities with opportunities for all, such as the Community Reinvestment Act. Read our statement about a lawsuit that could overturn newly-established Community Reinvestment Act regulations

  • Addressing barriers to equitable growth and development, such as rising insurance costs.

  • Advocating for adequate funding and equitable resource distribution in programs like the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund.

Equitable Access priorities:

  • Advocating for greater representation and improved language access in federal programs and promote equitable access on federal advisory, regulatory, and governance committees.

  • Advocating for greater representation and improved language access in federal programs.

  • Protecting the integrity and funding of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.