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A Look at a Medical, Legal Aid Partnership in New Orleans

Medical-New OrleansA health center in New Orleans has partnered with a legal services agency to better help patients by addressing the social determinants of health. This “medical-legal partnership” is part of a growing trend that’s taking place across the nation. Read the Shelterforce article

Creating a Sanctuary For Youth in Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey Learning from the health world’s understanding of trauma can create better outcomes for service organizations—and better workplaces too. Read the Shelterforce article

A New Responsibility for Children’s Hospitals: The Health of Neighborhoods

Children's Hospital OhioChildren’s hospitals in Ohio are making key investments to address a major cause of poor health — substandard housing. Read the Shelterforce article

How a Risk-Averse Hospital and a Risk-Taking CDC Built a Functional Partnership

Mingo-EdgarAngela Mingo of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Rev. John Edgar of Community Development for All People discuss their collaboration to address a major cause of poor health in their Columbus, Ohio neighborhood:  substandard housing. Read the Shelterforce interview.

Housing Is Health: Ballot Initiatives in California Approved

Housing is HealthNon-Profit Housing Association of Northern California communications director Alina Harway converses with three county supervisors who were instrumental in moving affordable housing ballot measures forward in the California Bay Area by bringing in the health factor. Read the conversation on Shelterforce

Without This Housing, I'd Be Dead

Kaiser Health NewsDignity Health and other hospital systems are investing in homes for people living on the streets. Kaiser Health News looks at incentives for nonprofit hospitals, the impact on healthcare costs – and how a permanent home affected one man's life and health in Without This Housing, I'd Be Dead.

Rebuilding Healthy Places in Rural America

Head Start in Blytheville, Arkansas.Small, rural areas across the United States face problems like aging populations, youth migration, high poverty rates and poor health. Efforts like We 2Gether Creating Change in Drew, MS and Incourage in Wisconsin Rapids, WI are working towards building a healthier, more secure future for residents. View Rebuilding Healthy Communities in Rural America.

Cross-Sector Partnership Creates Path for Change

The Grace Guild of Sinai-Grace Hospital and Community Development Corporation

Detroit Medical Center’s Sinai Grace Hospital and Enterprise Community Partners developed an anchor institution strategy to benefit thousands of hospital workers and neighborhood residents. Read Cross-Sector Partnership in Winship Community to learn about the community development corporation they launched.

Partnering for a Healthier WorkFORCE

McDowell County, North CarolinaDespite factors contributing to poor health outcomes and loss of job opportunities, residents of McDowell County, NC are working together to invest in community-identified solutions to improve the health and prosperity. View Partnering for a Healthier WorkFORCE

Rush University Medical Center making Impact Investments

Rush University Medical Center Impact InvestmentsRush University Medical Center is investing $6 million in organizations working to revitalize neighborhoods in the West Side of Chicago. Read how they are investing in housing to improve health: Rush to Make $6 Million in Impact Investments.


Building on Tradition, Catholic Hospitals Invest in Community to Improve Health

Baltimore Opening a children’s museum seems an unlikely endeavor for a health care system. So does establishing a trendy restaurant district. But these are just two of the innovative strategies financed in recent years by Catholic health systems seeking to spur economic development and improve well-being in the low-income communities they serve. Read the Crosswalks Magazine article.

The Root of Good Health: Fresh Food

Health Care Share Program

Hospitals and health care providers in Vermont are using the Health Care Share program to "prescribe" fresh vegetables through farm shares and to educate patients about nutrition. The University of Vermont Medical Center shares its experience in The Root of Good Health: Fresh Food.

People & Places 2017 Focuses On Healthy Places

Destiny 2Community development improves people's health. And, the healthcare industry is increasingly taking notice of community development's impact on the social determinants of health. People & Places 2017 featured focused on on the how community development and healthcare fields are partnering to improve health and opportunity.


Playing Matchmaker for UnitedHealthcare & an Arizona Neighborhood

Ribbon CuttingPedro Cons of Chicanos Por La Causa "shot for the moon" and launched a stellar partnership with UnitedHealthcare that's improving homes, health, and opportunity in Phoenix's Maryvale neighborhood.

September 30, 2016

Health Equity and the Role for Community Development

Build Healthy PlacesCommunity development plays an integral role in America’s efforts to improve health equity, asserts the directors of the Build Healthy Places Network.

August 16, 2016

From Guard Towers To Gardens

Eggplant Craft Stamford, CTVincent Tufo of Charter Oaks Communities and Pam Koprowski of Stamford Hospital forged a partnership in Stamford, Connecticut – the Vita Health & Wellness District. As the Affordable Care Act requires nonprofit hospitals to play a role in preventing disease, Vita stands out as a national model. 

July 8, 2016