Job Opportunities

Housing Specialist
Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania| Harrisburg, PA
The Housing Alliance of PA, under contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (PA DHS), seeks to fill the new position of Housing Specialist who will provide support to PA DHS on implementation of the housing strategy.  The Housing Specialist focuses on the aspects of the housing strategy that deal with consumer-transition from long-term care facilities or other types of institutional settings into home or community-based settings as well as consumer-diversion from long-term care facilities or other types of institutional settings in support of remaining in home or community-based settings (the “target population”). The Housing Specialist assists with planning, recommendations, and coordination of strategies and activities to expand the availability of housing and housing-related services and works to remove the barriers to housing for the target population. This work is accomplished by coordinating and directing the efforts of the DHS program offices, other state agencies, federal agencies, local government, and non-governmental organizations to identify and remove barriers to housing for the target population.

Associate Director
Community Development Network of Maryland
The Community Development Network of Maryland (CDN) is a 501c3 network whose purpose is to promote, strengthen and advocate for Maryland’s community development industry who serve Maryland’s rural, urban and suburban areas. Our members include community development groups and county/municipal agencies that engage in community development. Activities include affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, and family stability.

Training Specialist 
Grounded Solutions Network | Location flexible

Grounded Solutions is an innovative membership-based nonprofit working to support affordable housing programs with lasting affordability nationwide. We’re seeking candidates  in our Capacity Building Department as a Training Specialist to help coordinate our annual national conference, Intersections, and grow our training program’s scale and impact by developing new curriculum that advances racial equity and meets the needs of new audiences. Our primary audiences for training are affordable housing professionals from both the public and nonprofit sectors, policy makers and advocates. Our secondary audiences include community residents, students and funders. Location is flexible. Salary and benefits are competitive.

Affordable Housing Senior Specialist
Grounded Solutions Network | Washington, DC preferred
We are looking for an Affordable Housing Senior Specialist who will provide technical assistance, training and field tools to our diverse community development stakeholders including local/state/federal government staff, community residents, nonprofit organizations, financial industry leaders, and regional coalitions. Our technical assistance, training and tools are all designed to advance racial equity and cultivate strong housing programs that ensure lasting affordability of homeownership and rental units.

Executive Director
South Florida Community Development Coalition | Miami, FL
South Florida Community Development Coalition seeks a visionary, highly-skilled and resourceful Executive Director to lead exponential growth and impact of the organization to achieve positive outcomes in holistic neighborhood change, affordable housing, and community economic development. 

Housing Administrator
City of Lawrence | Lawrence, KS
This position will be a leader for the community in conducting a variety of analytical, technical and administrative tasks related to the city’s affordable housing efforts – staff the Affordable Housing Advisory Board, manage and monitor the Housing Trust Fund and other affordable housing programs; work with the Affordable Housing Advisory Board and members of the public to develop and present policies and programs related to housing and to benchmark performance measures; negotiate and monitor agreements with Housing Trust Fund recipients; perform research and write grants and programs related to housing; and to provide responsible technical assistance to the management staff of the Community Development Division. 

Housing Specialist 
Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania | Harrisburg, PA 
The Housing Specialist is an employee of the Housing Alliance of PA (HAP) and will report directly to the Executive Director of HAP. However, this person will be jointly supervised by the Executive Housing Director within the PA Department of Human Services (DHS). All work of the Housing Specialist supports the implementation of the state-wide housing strategy including deliverables within timeframes as identified in the work plan developed by DHS in coordination with HAP.