Publications by NACEDA and Our Members

NACEDA Publications:

Talking Values: Soulful Conversations within Community Economic Development

Community Benefit & CRA

Talking Values: Soulful Conversations within Community Economic Development



Community Benefit and CRA: A Side-By-Side Comparison of Nonprofit Hospital and Bank Regulation

NACEDA and Community Catalyst, 2016

Financial Empowerment in a Thriving Community Development Network


Financial Empowerment in a Thriving Community Development Network

NACEDA, 2015
Report discussing ideas and inspiration from a descriptive assessment of NACEDA members' financial empowerment and asset building activities

NACEDA 2014 Family Portrait

State and Local Affordable Housing/Community Development Associations: A 2014 Family Portrait

NACEDA, 2014
Census of NACEDA member associations, including governance, budget, membership, online presence, programs, and the future.


NACEDA Rising Above

Rising Above: Community Economic Development in a Changing Landscape

NACEDA, June 2010
Report measures the quantitative achievements of community-based development organizations.

Communications Toolkit

NACEDA and Action Media, April 2011
This toolkit provides guide posts for talking in public about our community development work.

Publications by NACEDA Members:

Children's Health and HousingThe Connection between Children's Health and Housing

Louisiana Housing Alliance, January 2016

Report on low-income households with children with limited options who face a trade-off between quality, safety, and affordability.


The Impact of Short Term Rentals on Affordable Housing in Oakland

East Bay Housing Organization, December 2015

Report on the impact of short term rental housing by using data from Airbnb, an online rental company, and analyzes the impact on the scarce supply of affordable rental housing. 


Not Even a Place in Line: Housing Choice Voucher Capacity and Waiting Lists

Not Even a Place in Line: Housing Choice Voucher Capacity and Waiting Lists in Illinois, 2015

Housing Action Illinois, December 2015

Report captures the availability in Illinois of a core federal affordable housing program --Housing Choice Vouchers -- to help address the dire need for affordable housing.


Linking Housing Development and Transportation Investment

Louisiana Housing Alliance, Fall 2015

Report discusses transit-oriented development includes both residential and commercial development to maximize accessibility and overall affordability for households.


State of HousingThe State of Housing in Louisiana

Louisiana Housing Alliance, August 2015

With this report, the LHA aims to illuminate both the challenges and opportunities facing the state, and assist policymakers in their effort to better align state resources with the specific housing needs of Louisiana citizens.


Creative Community Development in MassachusettsCreative Community Development in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations, June 2015

Report seeks to understand the landscape of creative community building, from organizations like IBA that have years of experience at the intersection of culture and community development, to newcomers like Worcester Common Ground who are in the beginning stages of taking on this work and everyone in between.


BeyoBeyond Gentrification: Toward Equitable Neighborhoods

Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations, February 2015

Report on equitable development strategy to capitalize on current growth in a way that is inclusive of all Philadelphians and all of their neighborhoods.


Stronger TogetherStronger Together: The $12 Billion Impact of Community Corporations in New Jersey

Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, 2014

Report on the economic impact analysis that found NJ’s nonprofit community development sector has been a $12 billion economic engine for NJ since 1989.


Collective StrengthCollective Strength: The $3.3 Billion Impact of Philadelphia Community Development Corporations 

Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations, 2012

Report documents the significant Return on Investment of the local CDC Industry from public and private sector investments over the past 20 years.