What is Grounding Values in Research?

Grounding Values in Research is a NACEDA project that builds, expands, and shares data for the Community Economic Development (CED) sector. The project began in 2021 with a three-year research study conducted by the Urban Institute on the financial health, programs, production, and services of community-based development organizations (CBDOs) throughout the United States.

Academics, advocates, and authors are using the data produced by that study for ground-breaking new research and strategic initiatives. Take a look at our recent Grounding Values in Research publications below or visit the Urban Institute project page to get your own hands on the data.

1st National Census of CBDOs Since 2005

The First National Census of CBDOs since 2005 reports national trends among CBDO programs, leadership production, services, and trends. It is a powerful story about community development nonprofits and provides data to increase the flow of resources.

Money Meets Community

The 2023 Money Meets Community Series explores the lines of business and financial resources of community economic development organizations across the United States.

1st Report on CBDOs Based on Tax Data

The Financial Health of Community-Based Development Organizations Health includes a summary report, 140 state and regional fact sheets, and a technical report. Use the findings to support your advocacy, fundraising, and capacity building goals in your geographic area.

A big thank you to our Grounding Values Advisory Committee, whose time, support, and expertise have made this project possible.

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